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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Different Polyps and Sinusitis

one sign of sinusitis is dizziness and pain in the forehead (including eyebrows), in the presence of other symptoms such as a thick yellow snot to green (it is pus or pus), and sometimes spend a little blood (reddish color). But all the symptoms although most likely sinusitis, can also be symptoms of other diseases, such as fungal infections, Tuberculosa, head or nasal trauma, tumors, polyps, and others.

Sinusitis is an infection / inflammation in the sinus area we (there are 5 pairs of the sinus in front of us),
while polyps are part of the sine out and resemble balloons / meat in the nose area.

The cause of sinusitis is generally due to prolonged nasal obstruction, whereas polyps usually arise due to further complications of sinusitis, they are often caused by allergies in the nose.
Symptoms of sinusitis depends on the area where the affected sinus, generally head ache, face feels heavy, creamy yellow to green mucus, nasal congestion.

In polyps symptoms nasal blockage from mild to severe and clogged all day, and then also with symptoms similar